Weekend in NYC vs A Trip to Atlantic City

In a showdown between NYC and Atlantic City, you might think that the city that never sleeps would win hands down as the ultimate place to spend your weekend.

But wait a New York minute! Aren’t you trying to get away, as in get away from the hustle and bustle, away from the traffic, away from the grind and stress?

While Manhattan, Brooklyn and the city’s other boroughs have their charm, many people are discovering that weekend trips to Atlantic City are the best way to truly getaway for a weekend of summer fun. When you take a look at what makes AC different from NYC, it’s easy to see why Resorts Casino Hotel is the perfect destination for either a quick weekend trip or a longer summer getaway.

1. Relaxing on Atlantic City’s beaches beats melting in New York’s heat

This is bar none one of the major draws to the Atlantic City area for movers and shakers who are looking to settle down in some sand for the weekend. Face it: New York gets hot and humid in the summer, and sometimes that kiddie pool on the roof of your apartment building doesn’t cut it anymore And remember that incident with the homemade water slide last year? Nobody wants you spending hours in the emergency room again this summer. Not when you could be slipping into a beach chair on AC’s free and clean beaches, the perfect place to cool off or catch some rays.

Resorts Casino Hotel has the best beach chair and umbrella service in Atlantic City, making it easy for you to kick back and relax. After dipping your toes in the sand or going for a swim, head up to Landshark Bar & Grill to enjoy a beachside drink while you take in the sunset. No matter what you’re after, we make beach life easy! Stop throwing change in that park fountain and make your wishes come true by spending a summer weekend in Atlantic City.

2. Why lose money in New York City when you can win it at the casino in Atlantic City?

It’s no secret that your dollar goes further once you get away from New York City, and that’s especially true here. Instead of spending $10 on a cup of coffee, why not take a quick weekend trip to one of Atlantic City’s best casinos to fatten up your wallet and have a lot of fun along the way? Whether you’re a card shark or you want to try your luck with the one armed bandits, we’ve got it all. The casino floor at Resorts is bursting with 400 newly-added slot games, with a range from penny slots to higher limit Atlantic City slots for the more adventurous. Resorts Casino Hotel is ranked “Luckiest Casino,” so don’t be surprised if you draw a crowd as you win.If slots aren’t your style, you’re always welcome to enjoy the casino’s table games like Blackjack, Craps, Roulette or Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus. Even if you’ve never played, there are plenty of ways to get your feet wet when you get out of the city and join us for a weekend of casino fun!

3. Atlantic City nightlife: All of NYC’s excitement with none of the hassle

Everyone wants to spend some time in the bright lights of New York, but the truth about going out in the big apple is a lot less glamorous. When you take a trip out of NYC and into Atlantic City, you don’t have to worry about missing an exciting night out. Surprised? Don’t be! Atlantic City boasts hot music, cold drinks and an almost endless array of shows. No need to take a taxi across town, wait in line and pay a massive cover charge just to hang out at an overcrowded club or bar. It’s all waiting for you right here on the Boardwalk. With an ongoing schedule of events at Resorts Casino Hotel, you’re sure to find great entertainment and nightlife you can enjoy any given weekend this summer.

Atlantic City is waiting for you this weekend. Resorts is easy to get to from New York and the city will be waiting for you when you get back. After a quick trip out of town to one of the best destinations in the northeast, you’ll come back refreshed enough to take a big bite out of The Big Apple.