Five Reasons Atlantic City is the Perfect Place for a Romantic Couple’s Vacation

Taking a couple’s vacation can solidify a new relationship, or refresh a long-lasting commitment. You don’t want to end up in the doghouse if you’re romantic getaway doesn’t go as planned, but there’s no need to sweat it. That’s because Atlantic City is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway that will leave your lover satisfied. And when it comes to planning out a couple’s vacation in AC, there’s no better place to start than at Resorts Casino Hotel. We left no stone unturned to make sure you get that loving feeling here, and carry it home. We’re the perfect spot for couples to connect, and we have a few vacation ideas here to spark your interest. Consider this our wink at you from across the room.

Relax with a couple’s massage.

No romantic vacation is complete without a side-by-side massage to melt the stress away and bring you both closer together. This is a must do. Within the comfort of your own room or in our spa  indulge in a luxurious massage for you and your sweetie. This is one of the most quintessential couples activities, and you just don’t want to pass it up.

Put some spice back into your romance in our casino.

Slow and sultry is always nice, but what if you want to pick up the pace?  Romantic vacations should be exciting. Get your hearts racing when you play any the slots and table games on our casino floor. Or take your game play online in our i-gaming lounge. There’s a perfect game here for everyone’s preference. We really roll out the red carpet for couples in Atlantic City. So feel free to wear your heart on your sleeve, but don’t let them read your poker face.

Cut loose.

Any fun trip for couples simply has to include an opportunity to get close and move to the rhythm. Have a delicious cocktail at Bar One, loosen up those hips then grab your partner for a swirl around the dance floor. Nightlife at Resorts means that you’ll have a DJ offering up just the right music, giving you the right songs to help you show off your moves. This is your opportunity to go wild, so shake a tail feather and impress your mate with your special dance.

Treat Yourself and Look Your Best.

While most of your time is going to be spent together, absence does make the heart grow fonder. Sneak off to our salon just long enough to make them miss you, and when you reappear you’ll be a vision of beauty. All of us want to look our best for our romantic partners, and lucky for you getting to perfection when you join us on vacation is a snap. Resorts offers full salon services, including waxing services, hair cuts and color, and both day and evening makeup. Don’t let anxieties about your appearance hang over your head – confidence is attractive and your couple’s vacation will be stress-free after you stop by our professional salon.

Take a romantic walk along the boardwalk.

Whether you have fond childhood memories of the boardwalk or you’ve never set foot in Atlantic City before, make new memories with your partner by taking a romantic sunset stroll together. Frolic like kids as you hold hands, ride the rides, see the sites, and stop for a scoop of ice cream. This is a real opportunity to connect, and it’s the kind of romantic memory from your trip to AC that will last a lifetime.