Vincent Talarico, child of America’s Golden Years, has emerged today as perhaps the greatest singer/entertainer/musician of the era. His soaring voice, rich with a passion, burnishes every note he sings, mesmerizing any audience fortunate enough to hear him. Whether it’s Pucini or Billy Joel , Mr. Talarico commands the song and delivers it in his own unique manner, often redefining the song to a new level. In short, it’s mastery, rarely heard in today’s pop culture. But beyond this man’s gift of voice lies his astounding ability as a drummer. Vincent Talarico is not just a drummer—he’s a virtuoso. Think Buddy Rich and you’re headed in the right direction. When Vincent Talarico exits his stage, he leaves behind a room full of people whose notions of greatness is forever changed. Power! Precision! Poignancy! Polish! Passion! These are but a few words to describe The Man With The Golden Voice—Vincent Talarico!

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