Letters From Home – America’s Bombshell Duo

Letters From Home, otherwise known as America’s Bombshell Duo is from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and is one of the fastest growing musical groups in the United States.  The duo sings in harmony and tap dances as part of their incredibly comedic and moving patriotic performances.

With their mission to honor veterans, active military and their families through the music and spirit of the 1940’s, the group has toured in over 20 states including North Carolina, Florida,  Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C., New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Idaho, Rhode Island, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Kentucky, Texas and Alaska.

Erinn Diaz, founder of the group and half of the performing duo says that as much as they love performing, it’s all about the veterans.  “”We have gotten to meet so many incredible men and women veterans over the years, and the memories the music brings back to them is priceless””, Diaz says.  “”We owe our freedom to those who have fought for our country and continue to fight for our country each and every day.  This is just a small way to give back””.

Serah Haley, the group’s musical director and the other half of the duo says she is looking forward to being in Atlantic City.  “It’s an honor to be performing on the same stage as Lucielle Ball, Frank Sinatra and the other greats of our favorite eras once did”, Haley said.

To learn more about Letters From Home, visit www.LettersFromHomeSingers.com or follow them on facebook at facebook.com/ LettersFromHomeSingers.

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