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Get the best view of the 2023 Atlantic City Airshow

The Atlantic City Airshow will be visible from the beach in front of Resorts and is the largest airshow of its kind. Produced by the Greater Atlantic City Chamber, the AC Airshow attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to AC’s famous beach, Boardwalk, and attractions.

Catch this spectacular show for FREE as they soar over the famous Atlantic City beaches & boardwalk. Plus, don’t miss Practice Day!

This Atlantic City event is FREE to the public.

This free-to-the-public event will be visible from the beach in front of Resorts. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy! While many others are driving around looking for a place to park, or walking around looking for a good viewpoint, you’ll already be sitting pretty! It couldn’t get any better than this unless you were in the co-pilot seat of the aircraft. Actually, on the beach in front of Resorts, you can have a cocktail, so we think that does make it better! Don’t miss a must-see air show!

Be entertained and impressed.

Don’t worry about letting your mouth hang open – these performers are used to that. It’s no wonder that the Thunderbirds schedule is so full, as they are one of the most sought after and exciting acts you could possibly witness. Meanwhile, the Golden Knights, deemed the world’s best parachute team, got their name from their gold medals! The US Air Force is guaranteed to knock your socks off. When they say “thunder,” they mean it!

Become a patriot.

Many of the flight demonstration teams performing in the Atlantic City Airshow were developed in order to inspire interest in our military’s abilities and programs. Much more than interest, they’ve inspired renewed patriotism and pride. When you see what these highly trained pilots can do, you will be amazed. More than daredevils, more than performers, you will be watching warriors, most of whom have combat experience.

Clear the air!

Chances are that after “Thunder Over the Boardwalk,” you’re going to need to decompress, maybe slow your heart rate down a bit. Margaritaville provides a chill atmosphere where you can review and marvel about what you’ve seen over some delicious grub! Grab a glass and raise a toast to the men and women who performed feats of speed and daring, then when you’re done, step on over to Bar One and show off some precision maneuvers of your own!

The Atlantic City Airshow is a thrilling event that visitors are amazed by. Enjoy the experience the best way – with the hospitality of Resorts Casino Hotel.