Beach Vacations in Atlantic City

Let’s face it; not all beach vacations are created equal. You arrive and find that your “on the beach” hotel is indeed on the beach….after you walk a mile to get there. Once truly on the beach, you’re stranded, cut off from food and other sustenance, so you better load up that heavy cooler with ice and drinks and plan on dragging it back and forth. Didn’t bring a cooler? Great. There’s another unexpected purchase.

Still, seaside vacations are popular for a reason: they are one of nature’s most powerful, breathtaking, exciting and romantic scenes. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if the situation set up at the seashore were planned a little better?

Enter Resorts Casino Hotel. We’re proud to be one of New Jersey’s best beach destinations, showing others how it’s done.

Let us cater to you

Guests love to simply sink into the sand when they visit Atlantic City’s beach. Once you find yourself there, you might even be too relaxed to move! Luckily, Landshark Bar & Grill boasts the only sand side bar in town. That means you can leave your cooler behind! We’ll arrive at your beach chair or umbrella with delicious cocktails, keeping the relaxing vibes going. Bury those toes down deep! Just make sure enough of you is showing that you can sip from a straw. Stay until the sun goes down; the fire pit will provide a centerpiece for your beach side party in Atlantic City.

Get adventurous

If sitting still in the sand isn’t your style, there’s plenty to keep you up and active. Beach adventures abound in Atlantic City! In fact, the only problem you’ll have is packing it all in to your schedule. You might just have to stay a while longer to experience surfing, kayaking, beach volleyball, boogie boarding, fishing and parasailing that make this New Jersey beach a go-to destination for thrill seekers. If you’d like a pace somewhere between sunbather and adrenaline junkie, there’s the historic Absecon lighthouse to visit – the tallest in New Jersey! Climb to the top and earn the right to take that perfect pic. No matter what you choose, you will create tons of memories to inspire and amaze.

Shop ‘til you drop (we’ll pick you back up)!

There’s plenty to do as you transition from the Atlantic City’s beach to the boardwalk. In fact, this was America’s first boardwalk, and it was built with visitors in mind. Take a stroll past miles of storefronts offering anything from high-end retail to salt water taffy. Treat yourself to something special or bring back a gift to your friends. When your arms get loaded down, it’s just a quick scoot back to Resorts, where you can drop your bags for a fast bite with one of our many casual dining options and get back to it, or get a massage and a nap then head out to experience Atlantic City fine dining. We provide for any and every experience you could want.

The beaches and boardwalk in Atlantic City make for the perfect combination of serenity and excitement – you can pick and choose how much you want of either and balance the vacation to your tastes. Atlantic City has it all, and Resorts Casino Hotel can help you take full advantage of your trip to New Jersey’s best beach.