On the first day of play, new members earn 7X Comps, 7X Cashback, and 7X Tier Points!

Promotion will start on Friday, November 3, 2023

  • 7x Comps you will be earned as you play and will expire after 6 months of no gaming activity
  • 7x Cashback will go into the account the following gaming day and will expire in 60 days
  • 7x Tier points will go into account the following gaming day

Sign up for a Star Card at the Promotions Booth, located near the Bus Center and QuickBites.

Use your Star Card while playing slots or tables to start earning.

When play is complete for the day, your earned comps, cashback, and tier points will be loaded automatically directly into your account.

    *Promotions excludes inactive players and those arriving via motorcoach.