Burger Bar

Gallagher's Burger Bar’s new menu includes a variety of new appetizers, burgers and sandwiches in addition to the favorites on its already popular, flavor-filled offerings.

All burgers and sandwiches are served with shoe string french fries.

Burger Bar is located directly across from Gallagher's Steak House on the Dining level at Resorts and is a great place to throw your next party.

Bar Hours

Fridays - 4pm -9:30pm

Saturdays - 12pm – 10:45pm

Hours are subject to change. Call 609-340-6554 for reservations.

Especially Early Menu

"Especially Early Menu"
$16.50 per person

Mon - Fri: 4-7pm
Sat- Sun: 3-6pm

New england clam chowder
Classic caesar salad

Chicken cutlet: Breaded chicken cutlet topped with mozzarella cheee served with spinach and shoestring french fries
Gallagher's prime beef burger: Char grilled prime beef burger served with shoestring fries, tomato, lettuce, raw onion, and pickles on a brioche bun. Choice of american or cheddar cheese

Homemade bread pudding
Ice cream; choice of vanilla or chocolate

St. Patty's Day at Gallagher's Burger Bar

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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day at Gallagher's Burger Bar where you can indulge in pint and pitcher specials, specialty cocktails (Irish Car Bomb anyone?), and traditional Irish fare like corned beef and cabbage.

A Look Inside The Menu

The menu starts with a new array of appetizers. Fresh coconut shrimp brings a tropical taste while the chicken wings are a well-known classic. Mozzarella triangles became an instant favorite, and clams casino perfectly balance clams on the half shell with bacon.

The Italian burger tops off with grilled prosciutto, fresh mozzarella and tomato bruschetta. The Kobe supreme features Wagyu Kobe beef, applewood smoked bacon, wild mushrooms and Parmesan brown sauce.

The grilled vegetable sandwich provides the health conscious diner a new way to enjoy the Burger Bar by grilling up seasonal veggies and topping them with provolone and pesto. The buffalo chicken burger spices up the new menu with ground chicken, hot sauce, Point Reyes blue cheese and shaved celery.