Location: Superstar Theater


Tickets: $15

Vincent Talarico, child of Americas Golden Years, has emerged today as perhaps the greatest singer/entertainer/musician of the era. His soaring voice, rich with a passion, burnishes every note he sings, mesmerizing any audience fortunate enough to hear him. Whether it is Puccini or Billy Joel, Mr. Talarico commands the song and delivers it in his own unique manner, often redefining the song to a new level. In short, its mastery, rarely heard in today pop culture. But beyond his gift of voice lies his astounding ability as a drummer. Vincent Talarico is not just a drummer, he is a virtuoso. Think Buddy Rich and you are headed in the right direction. When Vincent Talarico exits his stage, he leaves behind a room full of people whose notion of greatness is forever changed. Power! Precision! Poignancy! Polish! Passion! These are but a few words to describe The Man with the Golden Voice, Vincent Talarico!