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$75,000 Card Tier Sweepstakes

Saturday, November 4, 2023


Box Office

Open to Epic, Paramount, Paramount Plus and Red Carpet Star Card Holders.


Starting at 6PM guests will print their sweepstakes entry voucher at the kiosk and deposit it into the tier based from at the box office.

Every 15 minutes from 7PM-11:45PM, one winner will be pulled from each of the four drums to win a tier based slot cash prize.  At midnight, 5 winners will be pulled from the drum to win double their tier-based slot cash prize.

1 winner from each tier every 15 minutes from 7PM-11:45PM for the following prizes:

  • Epic | $250
  • Paramount | $500
  • Paramount Plus | $750
  • Red Carpet | $1,000


5 winners from each tier at midnight for the following prizes

  • Epic | $500
  • Paramount | $1,000
  • Paramount Plus | $1,500
  • Red Carpet | $2,000